What Is Hippocrates.Health?

What Is Hippocrates.Health?

Answer: Hippocarates.Health (HH)is a patented software technology solution that optimizes the assets inside of a healthcare system.

Challenges in Healthcare:

1. Costs & Transparency – Implementing strategies and tactics to address the growth of medical and pharmaceutical costs and impacts to access and quality of care.

2. Consumer Experience – Understanding, addressing and assuring that all consumer interactions and outcomes are easy, convenient, timely, streamlined, and cohesive so that health fits naturally into the “life flow” of every individual’s, families’ and community’s daily activities.

3. Delivery System Transformation – Operationalizing and scaling coordination and delivery system transformation of medical and non-medical services via partnerships and collaborations between healthcare and community-based organizations to overcome barriers including social determinants of health to effect better outcomes.

4. Data & Analytics –  Leveraging advanced analytics and new sources of disparate, non-standard, unstructured, highly variable data (history, labs, Rx, sensors, mHealth, IoT, Socioeconomic, geographic, genomic, demographic, lifestyle behaviors) to improve health outcomes, reduce administrative burdens and support transition from volume to value and facilitate individual/provider/payer effectiveness.

5. Interoperability / Consumer Data Access – Integrating and improving the exchange of member, payer, patient, provider data and workflows to bring value of aggregated data and systems (EHR’s, HIE’s, financial, admin and clinical data, etc) on a near real-time and cost-effective basis to all stakeholders equitably.

6. Holistic Individual Health – Identifying, addressing and improving the member/patient’s overall medical, lifestyle/behavioral, socioeconomic, cultural, financial, educational, geographic and environmental well-being for a frictionless and connected healthcare experience.

7. Next Generation Payment Models – Developing and integrating technical and operational infrastructure and programs for a more collaborative and equitable approach to manage costs, sharing risk and enhanced quality outcomes in the transition from volume to value. (bundled payment, episodes of care, shared savings, risk-sharing, etc).

8. Accessible Points of Care – Telehealth, mHealth, wearables, digital devices, retail clinics, home-based care, micro-hospitals; and acceptance of these and other initiatives moving care closer to home and office.

9. Healthcare Policy – Dealing with repeal/replace/modification of current healthcare policy, regulations, political uncertainty/antagonism and lack of a disciplined regulatory process. Medicare-for-All, single-payer, Medicare/Medicaid buy-in, block grants, surprise billing, provider directories, association health plans, and short-term policies, FHIR standards, and other mandates.

10. Privacy / Security – Staying ahead of cybersecurity threats on the privacy of consumer and other healthcare information to enhance consumer trust in sharing data. Staying current with changing landscape of federal and state privacy laws.

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What problems does HH solve? 

  • HH is designed to reduces that cost and time for delivering care to patients. 
  • This process results in more time and money for creating positive patient outcomes.
  • HH provides new views of data to enable better business operations, policy decisions and investments.
  • HH is secure and accessible environment for patients and providers.

What does HH do?

  • HH is a flexible technology that drives between a 25% to 42% reduction of the costs associated with the core services that other solutions. 
  • From an efficiency perspective, HH can drive an efficiency increase of 7% to 31% into the environments where it is deployed.
  • HH’s patented technology provides the ultimate in privacy, while still delivering the value to the patients and healthcare systems.

What characteristics does HH have? 

  • HH is both a vertical and horizontal technology. 
  • HH will work in the Cloud, Hybrid or in a Data Center to provide the optimal solution for any environment.
  • If a healthcare entity has InfoSec requirements that drive to a premises-based core solution, HH can do that as well.  
  • HH can be fully Private Labeled for the client, so it looks like their solution.
  • HH is a lightweight technology that has its own patent.  
  • HH is highly has a very strong ROI.
  • HH helps to drive more positive outcomes for patients.

HH is a game changer for all aspects of the healthcare delivery system.  It has real application in the case of epidemics …or pandemics.