How Do You Respond to PRESSURE?

How Do You Respond to Pressure?

How do you react in the following situations?

  • You are really under the weight of what you are doing.
  • The funding has not arrived on time. 
  • The investors and partners are questioning your leadership and judgement. 
  • The execution of the business plan is not going according to plan. 
  • There are numerous product development and delivery issues.  

How do you deal with stress of these situations?

Some practical advice:

  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet.  Take supplements as appropriate.
  • Get some exercise.
    • Follow your doctor’s directions.
    • Lift weights / body strength program.
    • Walk, hike, run, swim or something to get your body moving.
  • When on the phone, get up and walk around.
  • Use a stand-up desk or similar workspace so you are not sitting.
  • Take breaks by going for quick walks.
  • Hydrate enough.
  • Get sleep.
  • Shut off your mobile devices when you go to sleep.
  • Disconnect with friends and family.

Sleeping is an important thing. It is NOT a badge of honor be able to run 18 hours a day constantly.  You will break down. 

One bio hack that works for me and a few others is this.  I will concentrate on a problem before I go to bed.  80% of the time the next morning I will have the answer to the problem. This way I get the rest I need, BUT I also get some very important work completed.

My theory on this is that when you are sleeping the brain is resting, restoring and rejuvenating, but it can run “background” analysis that is very light weight for the brain.  Your brain is free from so much external stimuli, so it has freed up capacity to process data.  By disconnecting your “data center” from the “internet of your life”, you can do maintenance, updates, upgrades and process improvements.   

Take care of yourself so you can deal with the pressures of life AND live to enjoy your dreams coming true.